Chinese Poetics

The establishment of the journal of Chinese Poetics is to systematically and deeply excavate the excellent Chinese traditional culture, and to introduce and show the aesthetic secrets of the China to the world.

  • 主编: 李定广
  • 专业门类: 诗学

Editor in Chief 

LI Dingguang

Associate Editors 

YAN Ming

Academic Advisor 

CHEN BohaiDONG NaibinCHEN Shangjun     YANG Ming CAO Xu

Editorial Board

WANG ZhaopengZHU Yian

South-Central University, China    Shanghai Normal University, China

WU Chengxue LI Qing

Zhongshan University, ChinaKanazawa University, Japan

LI JiankunLI Dingguang

Tunghai University, China     Shanghai Normal University, China

SHANG YongliangZHOU Xinglu

Wuhan University, China Fudan University, China

YU NingHU Xiaoming

Western Washington University, USAEast China  Normal University, China

ZHA Qinghua CHEN Fei

Shanghai Normal University, China Shanghai Normal University, China

CAI Zongqi LU Shengjiang

University of Illinois, USANankai University, China

YAN Ming

Shanghai Normal University, China